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Why yet another Recipe Site for those with Allergies?

Peanut Gallery: "Just leave out what you can't eat."
Have you ever tried making a Chili or Soup without the ingredients you can't eat? The results can be either flavourless or not a true chili. Because not everyone can be a healthy Vegetarian, I will eventually add Meat, Poultry and Fish recipes. I only added one Shellfish recipe by request, but due to my own beliefs, I won't cook with Pork or Shellfish.
Chili Pepper may not be Garlic Free or Allergy Free. McCormick brand contains Garlic.
(When I relaunch my website, you'll not see Chili Powder in GaF or Allium Free recipes.) Keep in mind that when companies change their procedures and recipes, spices and other ingredients previously considered safe, may no longer be safe. As you see, I try to keep abreast of these changes and actively change ALL of my recipes to reflect these changes.
CORN FREE? Do NOT use Kosher Sea Salt. Use only Iodine Free Salt!
I have changed all my recipes to reflect this, however errors may still be found..
Gluten Allergic and Celiac, please read all 3 links. Thanks!
(Probiotics in higher amounts may be partial answer, but not a cure).
1) Quinoa: Comment on Secondary Grains may be bad for GF
Short of it: Only Rice and Corn considered good for GF.
2) Gluten Issues Or Celiac Don't Drink Coffee
3) Coffee and Gluten Connection
My apologies in advance for those who love their coffee! I've noticed for quite sometime that I might be reacting to coffee. :P
Quick Note: Calling All Parents! Are you dealing with a sickly child and with the help of your doctor are you still at a loss? Please check the following list.
1) Get House checked for Mold FIRST, especially if Asthmatic issues!
Often, when the symptoms won't go away, it is hidden mold in the house that caused it.
2) Check for Tree allergies - Pine, Cedar, Firs, and so on.
3) Elimination Diet to find rare food allergies. Doctor can not test for everything.
4) Check for Dust Mites and Feathers allergy.
5) See if Carpeting maybe the issue. Some people develop a sensitivity to the chemicals or fibers used in the carpet.
6) Check for other Rare and Unusual Allergies. Try to figure out what changed. Did you bring in a new piece of furniture, new carpeting, a new brand of food, anything that you were not doing before the onset of allergies and asthma? 7) See if they are reacting to cooked oil by itself. See if they do not react to food without oils, that are normally cooked in oil. I met one person who does react to cooked oils. Cooked oil does go through a chemical change. This change produces a chemical compound that some people can not tolerate.
Remember that new allergies can develop at any time in someones life.
Lastly, and this is a very long shot...however, some people actually are allergic to certain hormonal changes in the body. I would expect to see Hives, personally. Nevertheless, I suggest this just in case. Remember, people can be allergic to anything!

Accessibility for Colour Processing Needs

My website now supports those who need certain colours for better processing. If you have a specific colour preference and/or text size, just let me know, and I will make a custom button, just for you. Be one of the first 5 to request this feature! Email me at allergicvegetarian At Gmail Dot Com. Thanks!
I personally prefer bright blue on black, but firefox pales the bright blue colour, making it unreadable on black, so I switched to gold on black, as it's much more readable for me.

Because I'm Human... and Quality Assurance

Striving for 100% accuracy, but can't legally guarantee. Find an error? Please Email me with the direct link to the recipe and the details. I'll fix it ASAP. All recipes are clearly labeled with what they are free of.
NOTE: Quality Assurance Rules I Live By
1) Vegan/Vegetarian tabs gets all recipes exclusively until "Free of" data is proven to be accurate.
2) Only you can properly determine if my recipes works for you. Companies can change their recipes or suppliers without warning!
3) I check every recipe for errors over 20 times, with 5 additional times penalty for every error I find.
4) Lastly, I routinely recheck every recipe from time to time for revision and to find any errors that I might have missed the first few times. Sometimes, but not always, I'll indicate the revision date on the recipe.

Are you a Vegan wanna be and is GF, Onion Free, Mustard family free and have IBS?

See the "Kyt Friendly" recipes! These recipes will be free of most of the foods that often trigger IBS. This includes, Onion, Garlic, Carrot, and Mustard/Cabbage family. Almost all recipes will be Egg free, but Egg substitutes are fine.

Corn, Cereal, Pesticides and Preservative Allergies:

To avoid cross-contamination with corn derivatives and preservatives...
Use 100% Organic!
Know your Source!
Read all labels!
Use Iodine Free Salt
Rice free recipes may also be Cereal Free.
All Cereal Free found under Corn Free tab.
I can not guarantee any product I use is 100% corn free, but I do try to be 100% accurate in my recipes for ALL allergies, including Corn. See note above.

Life with Family

1. Mom has Alzheimer's.
2. Sister is not getting a job and was taking over the entire house with her clutter.
3. Dad needed a lot of help with Mom and Sister.
4. I needed ME SPACE!!! I rearranged my home, kicked sister's clutter and nephew downstairs, got me a Roger's drum kit. I also got a dishwasher which I sorely needed. And, I am finally almost ready to come back here. Life is settling now.

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Yes, I am back!!!

I am in the process of better organization and will get the new look and feel up in a few months. My mom has alzheimers and I had to deal with that. I took site down because I couldn't deal with family and crackers too.
NOTE: Some recipes may have errors, or links might be broken! Thanks!

What's New? A Top 10 List

I am at the Original Pancake House eating GF Chocolate Chip Pancakes. They use Pamela's Products . [ Pancake Bulk Mix ]
The pancakes are gritty, but good for GF. The Almond meal might be the cause. The ingredients in that mix is NOT sent anymore to any restaurant using, and this is a huge concern. Pamela should know better. Allergy Info They do have some Vegan products, but the Pancakes do contain dairy (buttermilk), potato, nuts, rice (cereal). See their Allergy info and ingredients list for more information.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Top 10 Reasons for a New Massive Rewrite:
10) It'll keep me out of trouble until September 30th.
9) New Navigation with better organization to keep the chaos bunnies out.
8) More uniform look and feel and less clashing cymbols.

7) Better Choices for more Variety! Did I mention more choices? :O! ;D
6) New Recipes specially created for Special Diets not previously catered too.
Hopefully, this will mean less headaches for those new to these diets. Sorry, jokeless.
5) Key to abbreviations changing slightly to be consistent with other sites and hopefully preventing clashing cymbols.
4) Taglines changing to the name of the recipe, or diet accommodated on the page.
3) Nutters like Kyt will actually have more Nut options.
2) Recipes that went AWOL will be found.
1) No recipe will be harmed during the transition, but may be dressed to the nines.

See "Key to Abbreviations" for more information, and what you may find (right column). I'm giving me lots of time because I'm adding new recipes and tweaking over 200 pages of code.
I rewrote: "Polenta di Iragno"
Originally, the recipe uses Semolina flour. I rewrote it to use GF, CF and CerealF flours. This recipe is so named, because the person who requested it, did not remember it actual name. I named it thusly, so she could find it, who ever she is.
And here is the Polenta Variations in Italian, with English translations and links to the Original Italian Recipes as a courtesy, to give credit.
1) Build Your Own Pizza!™
Choose your Dough...
Choose your Sauce...
Choose your Toppings...
Then, put it all together, using the directions given!
QA has been passed! And, its not even the 21st yet! :D However, please note... The "Free of" does not apply to the Cheese, except where I know that a name of cheese always contains an allergen. Red Hot Mexican, for example I know always contains Nightshades no matter who makes it, so will not be found under NSF. (The Vegetarian Sauces and Real Meat recipes have not been made yet. Look for these in October! [Gives me lots of QA time.])
2) Vegan Mushroom Meatloaf and Faux HP'ish Sauce
Contains Nightshades, Rice, Legumes and Soy. You substitute your bread crumbs for the Rice and GF Oats to make it Cereal free. I'd make the bread out of Amaranth flour or Buckwheat flour.
3) Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
This is a rather involved recipe, but the results are well worth it. You use your brand of Ice Cream, Chocolate and Butter making this Allergy Free for virtually everyone.

My Work Schedule: Tentative September 30th goal

Please note: Low-Salicylate, Low Histamine/Uticarian coming by mid 2013. If you are required to be on such a diet, please email me with what you CAN eat, and I will make recipes using ONLY those ingredients and spices that you list. Thus, nothing NOT on your list will be in the recipe. Also, spices will be limited to 1 1/2 tsp of spice OR 1 Cup Moderate Salicylates (unless you specify otherwise). Asian diet is generaly considered the best for Low-Salicylate eating, especially if you eat Organic Vegetables as well. Thanks!
1) Priority: Separate navigation being added. Legume Free? See Soy Free.
Top 12 Free? See Top 8 tab.
Cereal Free? See Corn Free.
NSF? Scattered, but getting own page soon!
See the "Gluten & Corn Free" tab for an example of this.
2) A Food Substitution list - in October.
3) QA: Done, but all recipes are being rechecked over the summer with fresh eyes.
4) Sauce and Condiments: Coming in November.
5) Tag line on all recipe pages changing to name of recipe.
Coming with new navigation.
6) Primarily only Drinks, Soups, Salads and Main courses are up.
7) "Build Your Own" Recipe: Brainstorming.
8) EE/EGID Recipes coming as soon as I find space for my food dehydrator.
I intend to use water, dehydrated vegetable powder using Dehydrator to make most basic noodles. I'll add psyllium to make cake or bread.
Other Schedule: (Nothing new until after I get #1 above done.)
(with more always being added in each category)
New Dietary Options: Coming hopefully by October.
Drinks: Many recipes to choose from.
Salads: Some are up, more coming soon.
Soups: Many are up, more coming soon.
Vegetables: When an idea strikes me.
Raw Foodism: See Vegan tab. Coming in November!
(Need to find room for food dehydrator!)
Main Courses: Always adding new recipes.
Crockpot Recipes: As an idea hits me. Pathetic, currently. Sorry!
Starters and Bakery/Desserts, Breads: November 2012
Master Recipes: September 2013.
All recipes will be of my own creation except where noted, in which case a link to the original will be given.