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Build Your Own Recipe!™

"Build Your Own Pizza!™" is ready for you!
All you have to do is...
1) Choose your Dough...
2) Choose your Sauce...
3) Choose your Toppings...
4) Choose your Cheese...

The Directions are clearly given.
And, the best part is that you will have limitless pizza to choose from that is just right for you!

The Current code was done by me so is not fancy at all.
Thus, you will see Easy Links on the right so you can easily get back to Dough, Sauce or Topping Recipes or the Main page. I even have a link to the Cheese page and Food Family, which includes spices. More spices or foods will be added to the list as I discover them.
Update: Can't afford a programmer yet, but hope to in 2013!
My plan is to make this as intuitive and simple as possible.
I also plan on hiring a programmer to fix my code so that you can tick which ever item(s) you want, and print off the final result, and hopefully with directions.


The Categories: Beyond Pizza...

"Vegetables", "Carbs", "Proteins", "Spices and Sauces".
All vegetables will be listed alphabetically, for ease of use.
The Carbs will be listed alphabetically under the following headings:
"Gluten-Free" and "Contains Gluten".
Proteins: Will include links to my various "Burgers", "Fish", and similiar recipes.
Spices and Sauces: Grouped by what works well together, under the headings...
"Sauce" and "No Sauce".

Future Plans:

Sorry IE users! This may break in IE. I suggest using Firefox.
1) After the initial "Build Your Own Recipe" is made, I hope to make versions that are specific to your own allergy needs, i.e. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and so on.
2) Spices that work well together, will be placed in groups, with the suggested amount of each spice.
3) I hope to have this done in 2013!
4) This Recipe builder will work with Starters, Salads and Soups too!

Want a Kyt Friendly Version?

I intend to make a Kyt Friendly version after the kinks are sorted out in the original version.
By default, this version will be Vegetarian, as that diet is the least restrictive.
Lastly, I shall make a version that lists Vegetables by food families for those with unusual food allergies that would benefit from such a version.