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Being a Healthy Raw Foods Vegan

My hope is to teach you what I have learned about Nutrition, Diet, Exercise, 
and being Vegan. I am not a dietician nor am I a doctor. Please see your 
dietician and or doctor for advice! I do add many links that have some 
interesting information on them. And, near the very bottom, I give you a link 
to a Raw Foods Body Builder! I hope this answers some questions people may 
have. I'm NOT an expert, but, like you, am learning along the way.

1) Vitamin B12:

A very well written article on the subject: (NOT my site!)

 Brenda Davis B12 Foods Interview 

a) B12 levels should be checked once a year (and twice a year if your levels 
were found to be low).

b) If you have had any surgery on stomach or heart, then your body may not 
process synthetic B12 very well, and should work closely with your doctor to 
avoid anemia. So far, the medical community is saying that those who have had 
heart surgery may be at risk if they have B12 shots. (Ask your doctor about 

c) People over the age of 50, usually need B12 supplementation, even if they 
are meat eaters!

2) Protein and Soy:

a) A complete Protein source is Quinoa and Soy Beans, both excellent Vegan 

b) Usually, if you eat a wide variety of foods which includes nuts and beans, 
you should not have any problems with getting a complete protein. Combining 
is NOT necessary.

c) Soy beans do NOT cause infertility or breast cancer! If it did, then Japan 
would be the country with the highest amount of Breast Cancer patients and 
the lowest in population! Instead, Iceland has the highest Breast Cancer rate.

(for more information on Soy Controversy, you could see my blog at 
 Soy Controversy  I'll be moving this article here eventually. )

3) Weight and your Diet

a) The Italians have it right... Eat! Eat! Eat! However, what you eat is also 
important. MOST Vegetables are considered "free" food. This means that they 
lack the starch that helps you gain weight.

b) High Glycemic index (GI) vegetables will give you more immediate energy 
and will therefore help you gain weight. I'm not posting GI numbers because 
websites disagree on these numbers! I list the top vegetables first, then 
the fruits that can be ate raw.

a) Parsnips
b) Red Potato
c) White Potato
d) Beets
e) Beet Greens
f) White Sweet Corn
g) Pineapple
h) Dates
i) Raisins
j) Figs
k) Cantaloupe Melon
l) Muskmelon

Raw Food Notes (that I've found)

1) Raw Beans:
Adzuki Beans, Chickpeas, Lentils are edible raw after soaking overnight and 

2) Dehydrating Mushrooms: Not all mushrooms are really suitable ate raw. 
However, the discussion is lengthy and contains faulty research by silly 

(See  Fungi-zette Raw Mushrooms Concerns  )

 Fungi-zette Dehydrating Mushrooms 

The short of it, moderation is key. And most people are not going to digest 
the amount of raw mushrooms necessary fro negative effects on the body.


If you lift weights with a shorter rest period between sets, you will burn 
more calories for a longer period of time. Thus, to gain weight, you want a 
longer rest period.  Protein is also key for building muscles.

(None of these are my sites! I have no opinions on them. I do NOT recommend 
eating raw meats!)

A link on Calculating Calorie & Macronutrient Needs:

 Bodybuilding's Calculating Calorie and macronutrients 

A Raw Foods Body Builder:

 Natures Fitness Model 

How to eat raw and recover faster:

Recovering Faster from eating Raw