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If you notice any errors, please let me know, and I'll fix it as soon as possible. 
Please email us at allergicvegetarian At Gmail Dot Com. All small case. I could 
really use someone who is very good at finding obvious errors. It would be a volunteer
job, as I do not have income coming in from this project. Thanks!

All recipes NOT under the appropriate "Free of" Tabs are to be assumed 
to contain "free of" errors!

ALL Recipes are put under Vegan, Vegetarian or Meat/Poultry Tabs 
BEFORE they are listed under the appropriate "Free of" tabs so that I can 
be assured that I have found all of my errors. I add 5 Quality Assurance 
checks to each recipe for every 1 error I find in that recipe. Expect most 
recipes to take a full four weeks before they are listed under the "Free of"

Reoccuring Error: Links: I have attempted to find and fix all link errors. Sorry if I've missed any. 
Every time I reupload my site, I find another link I forgot to fix off-line. Oops! 


I've fixed some recipes and their links that had "rice" in the title and removed the RF tag. :P


I am continuously rethinking, reworking, and redoing any recipe that I feel can be 
made even better then best. To that end, GF Doughs are the hardest to create when 
dealing with various allergies. Thus, some dough recipes work better than others.
Some binders work better than others. Banana and Apple Sauce combination is the best
Vegan binder but is not KF. Therefore some dough recipes will appear to be in "error"
when the truth is that for the Allergies I'm attempting to accommodate, this is the 
best recipe I have been able to come up with. Psyllium is the best ingredient to 
make something spongy. I can't have this either. I'll never be able to eat a good Raw 
Foods bread for this reason. You will, however, have a good Raw Foods bread recipe though, 
after I learn more about making Raw Foods. 

All recipes had their ginger amounts fixed. I also have better marked measuring spoons.