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Keep in mind that I recommend that every word, thought, recipe, advice, opinion
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Doctor and Allergy Specialist. I can not take any responsibility for any outcome
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(And yes, this was written because I live in Sue-Me-Happy-USA and I must protect
myself some how. ;) )

This site is not intended to replace the advice and supervision of your Allergy
or Medical Specialist.
We are not engaging in and do not intend to engage in the giving of medical
advice or in treating or curing of any disease or illness, but rather intend to
only give educational information that you are expected to discuss with your
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things in a way that may seem counter to this, but I do not intend to give you
advice in any way, shape or form.
Anything that maybe thought to be recommendations or opinions are only to be
read as "This is what I would do for myself" and not as "What you should do for