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1) What is a Master Recipe?

A Master Recipe combines several recipes, depending on ones needs, and gives you
one large recipe with all the steps so that everything gets done on time without
risk of cross-contamination. Don't be offended, but I intend to make these recipes
as goof-proof as possible which means I'm going to add in steps that you might find
"doh" and obvious. For example, I might say "Cover the meat with a lid, first, Then 
take the cover off the vegetables." I will be writing these Master Recipes as if I 
was cooking for a very severely allergic person who can't risk even 1 ppm contamination.

2) Why can't I find a Master Recipe yet?

I need to get enough recipes up on my site first so that I have recipes to work with. 

3) Will you create Master Recipes for those cooking for people with different combinations
of food allergies?

Yes! This was the number one reason why I decided to have a Master Recipe page.
However, it would be very useful if people informed me of what combinations they 
needed so that I can create more useful Master Recipes. 

So far, I think my first Allergy Master Recipes will cater to the following 
people: A person who is.... with a person who is... 
     1) ...DF, GF, SF (includes Casein free) with ...OF, GaF, Soy eater. 
     2) ...Top 8 Free with ...Dairy, Fish eater.
     3) ...I eat only Non-KF with ...KF (I might do this first just to help my Mom out!)

4) Why should I even bother with a Master Recipe? I'm careful enough.

The problem with Anaphylactic Shock is that we never know which protein is going 
to be the one that causes a need for an Epi-pen. We never know how much or how 
little of that protein contamination is going to cause it. Just because Allergic 
person didn't get sick before doesn't mean said person won't get sick. Furthermore, 
there really is no such thing as being to careful. No one wants to be rushed to 
the hospital, which is mandatory after an Epi-pen is taken. Epi-pens aren't a cure. 
They only buy time.

Copyright by Kytriya, January 5th, 2011