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Other Abilities and Accommodations

I love to try and accommodate as many people as I can, without being delusional. To that end, their is one group that I can not accommodate yet, but hope to in the future. I believe that almost anyone can learn how to cook. They just need a different set-up, perhaps different equipment and a specially adapted recipe. Some people need text with various colours within the same word or some other special format that would look odd for the rest of us. I can't accommodate these people yet, but hope to when I have the money to hire someone to do this for me. I imagine that this will come after I've successfully published a couple books.
What accommodations are here now? Colour processing issues I have accommodated to the best of my ability. If you need a specific colour background and text colour, send a note my way, and I will accommodate you and put that link here.
I have broken down my recipes into small steps to make them more understandable for those with cognitive disorders or various learning disabilities, including reading and staying on the correct line.
Also, I have capitalized Food items and the word "Cup" to make my recipe more readable and to help with comprehension issues some people may have.
JAWS users and the Sight Impaired:
I hope that JAWS users are finding my site acceptable. Please let me know what issues you are having, and I'll see if I can program a solution.
I do intend to have Audio recording of my website in the future after I get a cookbook published so that I can afford the bandwidth of such an endeavor.
Video's of my recipes will also be made eventually, and will be hosted on YouTube.