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More on the Pink Peppercorn

Before using the Pink Peppercorn, it is wise to find out if you are allergic to it or not, especially if any of its cousins - the mango, cashews, or poison ivy - causes Anaphylaxis shock in you. Four Spice can be added to almost any recipe on my site. Even though I love the spice, I have chosen to not include it in my recipes, as not everyone will read this note, and most people who aren't French, may not even be aware of any allergy they may have to the Pink Peppercorn. As always, definitely talk with your doctor to see if the Pink Peppercorn is a spice for you. It has a wonderful fruity taste that I love, but not everyone can should enjoy it without seeing their doctor first.

Some more information may be found about the Pink Peppercorn can be found at Pink Peppercorns Website

The Controvery Concerning Pink Peppercorns in the USA

Due to the number of complaints of illnesses from
the Pink Peppercorn received by the FDA, it was
banned here, but thankfully, the ban has been
lifted, after the French proved it was safe to eat.
A doctor that was studying the Pink Peppercorn,
became very ill, and had to stop the study. She
had many of the typical food allergy symptoms, but
I forget which ones specifically.
If we banned every food item in which 3000 people
died from, due to Anaphylaxis shock, we'd be
banning all foods. I'm happy that the FDA came to
their senses, and reinstated the Pink Peppercorn.
Interestingly, I can't eat Mango, and my mother
reacts to Poison Ivy, and thinks she will react
to Pink Peppercorn. I agree! But, so far I have
ate Pink Peppercorn without any noticeable reaction.
However, I may not have been eating enough of them
to cause a reaction.