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Diabetic Diet:
For a Healthier You

WORK IN PROGRESS: EVERYTHING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Except, I still recommend Vegan diet in most cases! Read below for more info. Thanks!
A healthy Diet for Diabetics is one that is low-fat, low glycemic and helps strengthen and protect the Organs but at the same time helps you lose weight and gain muscular strength. Also, a balance diet that is high in Vegetables and good Proteins and high in Fiber is key. I highly recommend investing in 2 things, after discussing this with your doctor:
NOTE: If you have Ketones in Urine then exercise is OUT! And go see your doctor immediately!
(See Bottom of this column).
1) A Health Club Membership
2) A Treadmill
Why a Treadmill? Because when you aren't up to driving to the Healthclub, you can at least watch TV and walk on the treadmill for few minutes, take a rest, then walk on it again. You can use the stairs in your house for exercise as well. Just walk up a step and down a step; Repeat for a few minutes.
Bad Knees? Aqua-robics is the best! This is also highly recommended by most Doctors for those with Fybromyalgia too. Some people have had great results and less pain when they went Gluten free, and some when they went Nightshade free.
What foods will you find here? Will I find the usual Meat and Potatoes?
No, you will not find any recipe that is common to the traditional Diabetic diet because I want you to get healthier instead of go down the path that all of my friends and family have gone down. They are either dead, or suffering from several health issues.
Healthy Complete Protein sources includes Quinoa, Soybeans and Chia Seeds.
Powerfoods includes: Kale, Spinach, Lucuma (low sugar fruit), Broccoli and Cauliflower, to name only a few.
B12 Sources also include Nutritionist Yeast (not Brewer's), and other foods fortified with B12.


The Research

A very long time ago, so the story goes, a bunch of Doctors who were experts in their fields sat down and had a very long discussion on what causes diabetes. They did not do research, but instead relied on what they knew about nutrition, food, health and many other areas associated with the body. They drew the conclusion that the more meat and poultry and the less carbs, the better. As a result we have a world full of Diabetics who have many health issues. Many have died from this arrogant and wrong advice. I was told this story by a teacher.
Why is their advice so wrong and so arrogant? They refused to follow proper Scientific Research procedure that was set up by those who are accustomed to a Meat diet and test their own Hypothesises. They also refused to go back to the drawing board and test other diets when it was found that Diabetics were having major complications from the prescribed diet. Instead, they turned to Drug Companies to find pills to take in order to resolve the symptoms caused by a harmful diet.
Here is the list of diets they should have tested:
(N.B. I refuse to assume that all Animal or Poultry proteins have the same effect on a body that has Diabetes. If we assume that all food can have its own unique effect, then we can better understand what works and what doesn't work.)

The following with Vegetables and the 
traditional serving of carbs per day 
for a Diabetic:

1. Protein: Beef only (No other Animal, 
Fish, Poultry or Dairy source)
2. Protein: Chicken only
3. Protein: Fish only
4. Protein: Pig only
5. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian (Dairy and Egg)
6. Lacto Vegetarian (Dairy only)
7. Ovo Vegetarian (Egg only: Whites; 
Yolks; Both)
8. Vegan Diet
9. Raw Foodism Diet
10. Macro-Biotic Diet

Why is this so important? Protein is different between foods. I an anaphylactic to some food proteins but not others - Avian but not Pork, for example. A group of researchers that are apart of the PCMA decided to test the traditional diet against a control diet and the Vegan diet. They found that the Kidney was damaged in all diets they tested EXCEPT the Vegan diet. It does NOT matter whether the diabetics had Type I or Type II diabetes because the Kidney will be damaged if you eat Beef or Chicken. FYI: The control diet included both Chicken and Fish. That group had some damage to their kidneys. I suspect it was the Chicken, but have not proven this.
Whether it was Type I or Type II diabetes does matter as far as whether your chances of reversing diabetes is very good or just plain good but not necessarily. I have learned of two people with Type I diabetes who was ordered off their Diabetic meds by traditional Non-Vegan doctors after the diabetics went on a strict vegan diet. All the Vegan eaters in the study that the PCMA group of doctors did, found their diabetes reversed and healing.
For more information please see:
 Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes  

 A Vegan Diet: How To Guide for Diabetes 

 Diabetes Resources 

I know 10 people personally, who had either died or has neuropathy, gangrene, blindness, Kidney failure and other problems associated with Diabetes. I am discounting one of my fave actors who died from it. He would be number 11. 3 people I knew died - one of those who died even told me that the prescribed Diabetic diet was killing him and he knew that the Vegan diet was better. He was also ready to go home and see the Lord. So, he did what ever his doctor told him too, even though it was killing him.
Why eat Vegan? It has been proven to reverse Diabetes! Shocker! So why aren't we praising a Vegan diet? Becuase we would have to admit we were wrong about the Pro-Animal and Poultry laden diet.
The argument about B12 is lacking in Vegan diets is a silly one as we absorb less and less B12 as we age. We can get B12 indirectly from Meats and Poultry or directly from Nutritionist Yeast and other fortified Foods. Most people over the age of 50 benefit from B12 supplements, including those who religiously eat only Beef and Chicken three times a day, seven days a week! However, if you have had Heart Surgery or any Surgery that has damaged the Illium, or been diagnosed with Celiac, then you may not process B12 effectively at all. In this case, I do recommend talking with your doctor concerning the B12 Supplements, and have your B12 levels checked every 6 months. Discuss the following plan with him to see if this plan would work for you. N.B. Fish is Salmon here, because Salmon has the highest amount of B12.
1) If B12 levels low: Add in Fish 3 
times a week, until levels are proper. 

2) Cut Fish back to once a week and 
continue being test. Keep your B12 
supplements of 26 mcg on a daily basis. 

3) If after 6 months, B12 levels are 
not dropping by much, then cut Fish back
to every other week.

4) Again, if levels are acceptable, then 
drop fish to once a month. 

5) If B12 is still very much in the 
middle range of what is "normal", then
cut fish out of the diet. Continue to get 
tested every 6 months. 

Note: If B12 levels drop too much when you move to the next step, then go back to the previous step and stay at that level. For example, if your B12 levels drop significantly when you cut Fish down to once a week, then eat Fish 3 times a week and do not try to cut down on the Fish.

Ketones and Losing Weight

Ketones and exercise may be lethal. Depending on how bad it is, you may even find yourself in the hospital. Discussing all of the following with your doctor can not be stressed enough! Only a good doctor familiar with Diabetes and diets that help reverse diabetes can really help you get healthier.
Diabetic Ketoasis Treatment & Management
You will have to follow your doctors advise, ultimately. However, feel free to get a second opinion from a Vegan Dietician who is trained in working with Diabetics and their dietary needs. Why? Almost ALL doctor were taught that ONLY the Hunter diet is the best for Diabetics. This will kill your kidneys and not help you get healthier. Nevertheless, you can still lose weight AND exercise.
First off, complex carbs is a necessity of life. Ideally, you want to be eating 5 small meals a day for Women, and 6 small meals a day for Men. If you aren't getting a minimum caloric amount every day, you are not going to lose weight. Your body will go into starvation mode instead. Your stomach could become extended, and your diabetes will not be in control.
1) Smartwater: It contains a good source of Electrolytes.
2) Add Banana or Yams and Sweet Potatoes to get the Potassium you need.
3) Chia seeds are very healthy and will help give you good carbs. Add these to smoothies.
4) Green Smoothies with Chia Seeds: Any green vegetable you tolerate raw will work in a Smoothie in most cases. See the Raw Foods section under the Vegan tab for a list of what works "Raw".
5) Exercise: AFTER you have been cleared for Exercise you can...
Lift weights! Start out with a 2 minutes rest between Sets.
Work towards a minute rest between most sets, and a thirty second rest between a smaller amounts of sets. You will burn calories up to 7 and half hours after you have stopped lifting weights.
6) Stretching: Stretching and doing easy leg lifts will help strengthen your knees and protect your muscles. Very worth it even if stretching bores you to tears like it does me. Do NOT bounce while stretching because this harms the body.


First Courses:

  1. Drinks
  2. Starters
  3. Soups
  4. Salads
  5. Vegetables
  6. Spreads and Sauces

Second Courses and Bakery:

  1. Breads
  2. Main Course
  3. Vegan: Meats, Poultry and Fish
  4. Crockpot
  5. Bakery, Desserts
  6. Master Recipes