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Special Diets:

When these pages are made, I intend to have information on the commonly accepted diet practices for various special diets, including Urticaria and other diets that don't easily fit under the other tabs. More diets may be added in the future.

  1. Diabetic
  2. EE/EGID
  3. Low-Histamine
  4. WIP! Salicylate, Glutamate, Amine Diets Coming Soon!



Special Requests:

Need recipes created specifically for you? Please email me at
allergicvegetarian AT gmail (dot com)
with a complete list of Allowed or Excluded foods and a Username for me to use.
Please discuss the recipes with your Allergy specialist to be sure the results work for you.
EE/EGID Recipes? Please send me the names of ALL the foods and spices you can eat. I will ONLY use Organic and Pure forms of the Whole Food, unless you specify brand of non-organic spices that work.