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Recipe: Chocolate "Ice Cream" Cake

Free of:  CF, DF, EF, FF, GF, GaF, KF 

The layers of cake are filled with thin layers of crunchy chocolate, 
then topped with Chocolate frosting, Strawberries and Cherries.
If you use your brand of Ice Cream, Butter and Chocolate, then 
recipe will be in most cases, suitable for you. Obviously, those
with more allergies might have problems. I'm unaware of an 
Ice Cream that is Soy, Rice, Dairy, Legume, and Nut free as 
Coconut is considered a Tree Nut now. 

This recipe is involved, but it is worth it in the end. You may
simply buy Frosting to use for the topping if you wish. I do 
walk you through tempering the chocolate, but there are better
tutorials online for this. Also, there is a device you can buy that
tempers the chocolate much better. It has bells and whistles that
walk you through it. I highly recommend buying one if you intend
to temper lots of your own chocolate. 


1 half gallon of Chocolate Soy or Rice Ice Cream
1 half gallon of Vanilla Soy or Rice Ice Cream
2 - 3 packages of Dairy Free, Nut Free Baking Chocolate
Creme de Menthe, alcohol free, for drizzling over layers of Ice Cream
2 Cups Powdered Sugar
4 TB of Dairy Free Butter
1/4 Cup (about) Dairy Free Milk
2 cups Cherries
4 cups Strawberries, sliced lengthwise

The Chocolate is melted but will need to be mixed often and possibly 
reheated to keep it at 91 F. Also, the Ice Cream may need to go into the 
freezer from time to time to keep it cool enough. I am making the frosting 
from scratch, but feel free to use frosting from a can instead. You will 
then need less melted chocolate. 

I use thin layers of Chocolate or cutting the cake becomes too difficult. 
Adding some butter to the melted chocolate, might help here. I'm not sure. 

How to Make:
1. Put block ice in a large cooler, one that is wide enough to fit the Ice 
Cream containers. The layers of Ice Cream will be put on top of the Ice 
to keep them cool. 

2. Remove the Ice Creams from their containers by cutting the container. 
Keep the Ice Cream in tact.

3. Lay out several sheets of parchment paper that is a little larger then 
the dimensions of the Ice Cream containers. 

4. Take each Ice Cream flavour and cut into thin layers, using a very 
sharp knife that has been dunked in very hot water. 

5. Place each layer on its own piece of parchment paper and place in the 
cooler. Its okay to stack these layers on top of each other.

6. Chop the chocolate up into small pieces.

7. Melt the 1/3 of the chocolate over low heat, in a double boiler. Stir 

8. Once melted, take off the heat. Wipe the outside of the pan dry so 
that no water contaminates the chocolate.

9. Add in the next 1/3 of chocolate and mix until melted. Repeat with 
the last of the chocolate until all the chocolate is melted. We want the 
chocolate to be about 90 - 91 F. 

10. Fill a pan with water that is about 93 F. Place the Chocolate filled 
pan over this pan to keep the Chocolate warm.

11. Take the layers of Ice cream out of the cooler. On a cookie sheet, 
place two layers of Chocolate Ice Cream next two each other. 

12. With a rubber spatula, apply layers of chocolate on the top part of 
the Ice Cream until you have a very thin layer. 

13. Drizzle some Creme de Menthe over the Chocolate.

14. Take two layers of Vanilla Ice Cream and place on top of the Chocolate. 

15. Add a thin layer of the melted Chocolate over the Vanilla Ice Cream.

16. Drizzle Creme de Menthe over the Vanilla Ice Cream.

17. Repeat layering the cake with alternate layers of Chocolate and Vanilla 
Ice Cream, putting a thin layer of melted Chocolate and Creme de Menthe 
before adding another layer. 

18. Whip the butter until fluffy. 

19. Take the left over melted chocolate, and add the powdered sugar and the 
fluffed butter to it. Mix well. Add in a little Dairy free milk and whip some 
more. Keep adding Dairy free milk until it is of a spreadable consistency.  

20. Frost the Cake with the frosting, applying the frosting to all sides.

21. Arrange some of the Strawberries on the side of the cake. Arrange the 
rest of the Strawberries on the top of the cake.

22. Arrange the Cherries on top of the cake. Serve.