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Vegan: What won't you find here?

You will not find anything that contains or involved an animal, fish, bird, reptile or poultry or any living creature in any way, including their products, by-products, and so on. This includes honey, dairy cheese and other products. I am using the strictest Vegan rules I can find as to what constitutes a proper Vegan diet, without being "Raw Foodism only" or "Macrobiotic only", and so on.
All recipes in the other categories, that are Vegan, can be found here, as well.
If you find a recipe that is not strict Vegan that has been labeled as Vegan, please send me the link to the recipe and explain where the error is. I greatly appreciate it as I am unable to find all of my errors despite my best efforts. Thanks!
Why eat Vegan?
Even Free Range Animals or Birds go to the same slaughter houses and come into contact with all the germs from the other animals or birds. They are transported in cramp quarters where fecal matter accumulates. Why do you think poultry trucks stink so badly? Do you really want to eat that? I don't! Pigs are raised in cages where they are allowed to do their business on top of each other, stacked 6 high.
Why Turkey Free?
The argument about B12 is a silly one as we absorb less and less B12 as we age. Most people over the age of 50 benefit from B12 supplements, including those who religiously eat only Beef and Chicken three times a day, seven days a week!

Vegan Notes:

Why do I mention reptiles and insects? Because not all countries consider these taboo to eat.
Macrobiotic Diet: Unprocessed Vegan food but allows the occasional consumption of Fish. I suggest the Vegan tab for this diet. However, it will be fish free. ;)
Vegans: Abstain from all animal, egg, dairy, animal by-products, reptiles, bird, fish and so on. Some, but not all vegans will even abstain from honey, because a bee was involved in its making, or abstain from any product that might have involved an animal in any way, shape or form, including some sugars and wines.
Raw Vegan or Raw Food Diet: Vegan but with a twist. Nothing is cooked over 107 F / 46 C. Some people won't cook anything over 104 F. Others, are fine with 135 F as the max temperature. Raw Vegan recipes will be created soon. I'll update this page with a link then.


First Courses:

  1. Drinks
  2. Starters
  3. Soups
  4. Salads
  5. Vegetables
  6. Spreads and Sauces

Second Courses and Bakery:

  1. Breads
  2. Main Course
  3. Vegan: Meats, Poultry and Fish
  4. Crockpot
  5. Bakery, Desserts
  6. Master Recipes