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Vegetarian: What won't you find here?

Food allergies have you eating Dairy or Egg free? See the Dairy, Egg Free tab for recipes that I believe are "Free of" allergy errors. All recipes linked from here, but are not linked to under the other tab, may be mislabeled due to authors' errors that have not been found yet. Thanks!
Nothing that walks, hops, slithers, flies, ect. on land, air or sea will you find here. This means that there will be no poultry, meats, fish, animals, reptiles, birds or insects. You will find Dairy, and an occasional egg, but I'll give an egg-free alternative as well, where possible or known. All recipes in the other categories, that are Vegetarian can be found here, as well. Vegan foods will be under the Vegan tab.
Yes, you will find all recipes of the following types here, but if you want to find a recipe under a particular diet, then see the Dairy, Egg Free tab, as that navigation will have everything separated by diet type, and should be free of errors. Thanks!
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Eats both Dairy and Egg.
Lacto-Vegetarian: Eats Dairy, but is Egg Free.
Ovo-Vegetarian: Eats Eggs, but is Dairy Free.
N.B. - Detailed Vegetarian notes is below.

Vegetarian Notes:

For Vegetarians, there are several different kinds of "Vegetarians" with some types being arguably not vegetarian, depending on your point of view. However, I'm not putting any fish or Poultry recipes here.
Pescatarian: Eats fish, but abstains from other animal, reptile, or bird, etc. flesh. This is what I called a 'sudo-vegetarian' in my other life, when referring to myself. Usually, I am at a restaurant where my choices are risk blood sugar crashing, or eat fish. I'm Vegan whenever I can be, otherwise.
Semi-vegetarian or flexitarian: They occasionally eat meat, but mostly eat vegetarian. I can't eat meat or poultry, so techinically can't be called a Flexitarian.
Lacto-ovo Vegetarian: These people will eat eggs and dairy, but no other animal, fish, reptile or bird, etc. products.
Ovo-Vegetarian: Eats eggs but not dairy or other animal, fish or bird products. This diet is suitable for those who can't go Vegan because of allergies to seeds and legumes.
Do feel free to add egg to any recipe, if you wish, as I tend to not cook with eggs.
Why do I mention reptiles and insects? Because not all countries consider these taboo to eat.
Macrobiotic Diet: Unprocessed Vegan food but allows the occasional consumption of Fish. I suggest the Vegan tab for this diet. However, it will be fish free. ;)
Vegans: Abstain from all animal, egg, dairy, animal by-products, reptiles, bird, fish and so on. Some, but not all vegans will even abstain from honey, because a bee was involved in its making, or abstain from any product that might have involved an animal in way, shape or form, including some sugars and wines.


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